Terms and Conditions for users of this website

1. Introduction

The purpose of this website is to enable a visitor to obtain information about local businesses, events, services and news. The following terms and conditions relating to the use of the site are intended to reflect this on a common sense basis. All visitors to this site agree to be bound by these conditions and by any subsequent variation or amendment to them.

2. Copyright and Intellectual Property

Save for content submitted by advertisers, the copyright in all written material, design, text and graphics made available upon or portrayed by this site is owned by East Yorkshire Web. Nothing contained within these conditions or elsewhere within this site may be taken to confer any licence upon a visitor in respect of these intellectual property rights. In the event that a visitor is proved to have infringed any of these intellectual property rights, the East Yorkshire Web will seek to recover all loss and damage arising therefrom, together with all costs associated with such recovery.

3. Permitted Use

The East Yorkshire Web does not seek to control or influence the use by visitors to this site of any material appearing upon it. In particular any subsequent contact that a visitor makes with an advertiser upon this site, and any subsequent trading or other activity or interaction following from this, is the sole choice and responsibility of the visitor. Subject to the above, visitors to this site must refrain from any infringement of advertisers’ copyright or of any related intellectual property rights and from any misuse of whatsoever nature of material submitted to this site by advertisers and other contributors. In the event that the owners of this site suffer any loss and/or damage consequent upon a failure by a visitor to observe these provisions, they will seek to recover such loss and damage in full.

4. Disclaimer

The East Yorkshire Web shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by any visitor to this site, whether arising from access to the site contents, use of any of the material contained upon this site, temporary or permanent unavailability of the whole or any part of this site, or otherwise. In particular it is the exclusive responsibility of visitors to this site to satisfy themselves in every respect as to advertisers upon this site and the quality and nature of any goods or services provided by such advertisers.

5. Change to Site Contents

The East Yorkshire Web reserves the right at all times to make any change to the contents of this site and to these terms and conditions. It is the responsibility of all visitors to this site to ensure that they are fully aware of the most up to date version of the site’s content and of these terms before entering into any commitment in reliance in whole or in part upon the site’s content or these terms.

6. Submission of Material to the East Yorkshie Web Site

No material may be submitted via this site or to any of its advertisers or registered users, whether via their forums or otherwise, which is in any way in breach of any legislation or the legal rights of any third party, knowingly inaccurate, threatening or offensive, or calculated or likely to interfere with the proper functioning of this site. Any breach of this provision will render the party in breach liable to indemnify the owners of East Yorkshire Web against any damages, claims, costs or other liabilities that it may suffer or incur as a result (whether directly or indirectly) of such breach.

7. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales. Any dispute arising hereunder shall fall exclusively within the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

8. Pricing

Prices for advertising on the East Yorkshire Web start from just £10.00 a month. All content for the advertisements must be supplied electronically, or by post, as extra charges may apply if personal visits are required to obtain the information.

Privacy Statement

The East Yorkshire Web has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm belief and commitment to privacy. This policy applies whether or not you choose to advertise on the site.

The following statement details what information we obtain from you, how we use it and how we fulfill our obligations to protect your privacy. Please read it carefully.

By using the East Yorkshire Web site and its services you will be agreeing that you are happy for us to gather and use your information in the ways stated.

Browsing the site

To help us to understand your needs, and improve the relevance of the services we offer you as an individual, we may collect anonymous information on your browsing activity while logged into the East Yorkshire Web, such as IP address, browser type or referring URL.

You cannot be identified personally as a result of the information we collect while you browse the site and we mainly examine browsing activity to monitor site traffic and analyse it.

We may provide anonymous statistics about user’s browsing activity to reputable third party vendors, but these will not include details that would allow the recipient to identify you.


Internet cookies are common and do not harm your system – they just store or gather site information. They also help you do things online, like remembering logon details so you don’t have to re-enter them when revisiting a site. We use cookies to recognise returning visitors and to deliver content specific to your interests. We don’t use cookies to track people’s Internet usage after leaving our site and we don’t store personal information in them that others could read and understand. We will not sell or distribute cookie information without your prior consent.

Placing an Advertisement on the East Yorkshire Web

When you order an advertisement listing on the East Yorkshire Web there is certain information we need to obtain to enable us to process and fulfill your order, or contact you in case of a query. The details we may collect include name, company name, address, telephone number and E-mail address.

The owners of the East Yorkshire Web will never offer a third party access to this information for any purpose, and the East Yorkshie Web will only store information necessary to operate effectively in our main database.

Personal Information

The personal information you submit when placing your order with the East Yorkshire Web is held with the highest commitment to your privacy.

We believe that your privacy is important and will protect it as is reasonably possible.

Using Personal Information

The East Yorkshire Web may use an advertiser’s personal information to communicate with them via email, e-newsletters or other avenues to offer marketing information and other communications to assist in business related activities. If an advertiser on the East Yorkshire Web wishes not to have their information used for these purposes, they may elect to opt-out from future communications at any time.

Public Information

Listings information submitted for display on the East Yorkshire Web site is information for the public domain and therefore cannot be classed as private. If we request any information which could be classed as private, we will make you aware of this at the time of submission.

By submitting your listings information to the East Yorkshire Web, you give us unconditional permission to use this information regardless of any moral rights, copyright, service mark, trademark or patent laws. Further you allow us to publish, modify, edit, translate, distribute and otherwise reproduce the information in whatever format we choose.

Third party links

The East Yorkshire Web contains links to other sites but cannot assume responsibility for any other site’s content or information handling practices. We advise you to review each site’s privacy policy before entering into transactions with them.

Your Consent

By advertising with the East Yorkshire Web, you agree that you are happy for your information to be gathered and used in the ways described in this policy.

If you change your mind about the way you have agreed your data can be used, just contact us via the Contact Us form within the website to stop specific or all uses of your data.

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